If you are wondering are ventless air conditioners any good, first you need to qualify which aspects of them you are want to know about and what they are good at doing (or not as the case may be).

A ventless AC unit might actually be a good option for you if you are tired of being awakened through the night by the high summer temperature and you have no other cooling equipment installed.

This is because these units are generally lighter than traditional AC units and there is no need to worry about space as the footprint is relatively small.

Just remember that these are actually evaporative coolers and not true air conditioners and will not perform in quite the same way to keep you cool.

Ventless Evaporative Coolers

These coolers are very energy efficient and emit relatively little noise.

They're designed to improve comfort indoors or out.

Since they are portable, there is no need to make a permanent installation, drill any holes or find a place to connect an ugly vent hose etc.

As they do not require a dedicated vent duct or hose, these coolers can easily be placed wherever they are needed and moved elsewhere very easily.

You can find a portable air conditioner without ventilation in a variety of styles. This largely depends on the space you plan to place it.

Below are the different types of ventless air conditioners according to their sizes.

Vent Free Air Conditioners for Small Spaces

A small space can be cooled by a ventless air conditioner and these units are idea for smaller areas that need spot cooling.

There are small swamp cooler units that are specifically designed to cool small spaces indoors, such as in a home office or bedroom. Some are small enough to be placed on a desk or bedside table.

These coolers work well in areas up to 120 sq. feet. Note that these very small coolers aren't ideal for larger spaces like living rooms, but they can cover a small bedroom.

Vent free portable coolers designed for small spaces can have up to 194 CFM fans and 145W of power.

Unvented Air Conditioners For Large Spaces

There are a number of ventless air cooler models designed to cool larger rooms such as the living room or master bedroom and are a better option than the very small cooling boxes.

These coolers can work well in areas up to 500 sq. feet. They do not require hoses or access to windows.

They offer a 1300 CRM flow, which is a significant advantage, despite their low power consumption of 85W.

Multi-Purpose Cooling Models

Sometimes, a ventless air conditioner with the ability to cool both large and small rooms is a better choice.

There are many choices of models from a number of different manufacturers. These can be used to reduce the temperature of your room by up to 20° Celsius (68° Fahrenheit).

An evaporative air cooler can also be a great cooling solution for outdoor use. These coolers are natural humidifiers thanks to the way they produce cool air, with a powerful fan to ensure that it functions at an extremely high efficiency level.

These coolers are equally at home indoors or outdoors, in a moderate-to-large sized space such as an open-plan living space or a porch or patio in open areas.

A high-quality evaporative cooler provides flexible cooling. The cooler has an iced compartment, humidity control, and can be adjusted to adjust the moisture level.

Outdoor Cooler

A good swamp cooler will be a great choice if you're looking for an air conditioner that can be used for backyard barbecues, pool parties, and other outdoor activities.

This is another bonus of owning a free standing ventless evaporative cooler. They are easy to use and simple to set up. This is why they are so amazing. To cool your environment, it uses evaporated water.

You don't need ventilation to operate this outdoor portable evaporative air cooler. Simply fill the tank with water, then plug the device into an electrical outlet.

A swamp cooler is not able to dry out or recycle air like other air coolers. It adds up to 5 percent moisture to the air via evaporated water. This makes the air feel fresh and natural. You might consider this model of air cooler if you're looking for clean air in your space.

It's worth noting that the fan speed can be adjusted to adjust between low, medium, or high speeds. You can also take the air cooler anywhere, provided it is within reach of a power socket and even hook it up to a garden hose for continuous cooling with a continuous water supply.


While a standard air conditioner is generally the most effective way to stay cool in summer whatever the weather or humidity level, they are expensive to run. This is a major concern these days when electricity prices are rising steadily.

A swamp cooler, while not much use in high humidity, is a really good cooler in dry air locations and because of the low operating cost and frugal power consumption, can be used outdoors as well as indoors without a guilty conscience!