What is this website that focuses its virtual eye on portable, room cooling devices that people think are air conditioners all about? This page explains!

I created this website to set the record straight and tell the truth about what people have been misidentifying as portable, room air conditioners that somehow are vent free. This is not currently possible with refrigeration technology as we know it.

I'll give you a brief reason here: It is because in order to refrigerate, there must be compression of a suitable gas in order to reduce the temperature. A compressor is a mechanical device that produces a lot of heat when operating and that heat is converted into hot air.

That hot air must go somewhere.

Conventional fixed air conditioning systems come in two parts: an indoor section that pumps the chilled air into the room and an outdoor section that expels the hot air and moisture from the system into the outside atmosphere.

Portable Air Conditioner Vent Hose

Portable devices do not have an "outdoor" section, so rely on a venting hose to remove the hot air through an open window or other suitable opening in an exterior wall.

Without the vent hose, a portable air conditioner would not be able to remove the hot air it produces and so it would simply mix with the cold air resulting in no cooling and usually some heating of the internal air. This is not what we want, so the device must vent that hot air out of the room or building somehow, with the hose being the most simple and cost effective method.

Swamp Cooler

When you see a portable cooling unit that looks like an air conditioner but does not have a venting hose, it is NOT an air conditioner at all, but an evaporative cooler (swamp cooler). This kind of device cools the air by evaporation and has no refrigerant process or compressor and so does not produce any hot air.

That's the difference in a nutshell. I have produced several informative pieces that are published on this website to expand on that brief explanation as well as to compare several popular models that are currently available on sale in stores and review certain models that I can personally recommend.

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